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As Delan Benobe showers off the grit and grim of the day he finds himself aroused and in need of some sexual pleasure, luckily Santi Noguera arrives at the perfect moment. Santi walks in the room already feeling lustful as his Prince Albert already peering out from his jockstrap. Intrigued and horny, Santi walks over to the shower door and drops to his knees. The shower door is opened and Santi begins drying Delan off then takes his growing cock into his famished mouth. Santi uses his expert cock sucking skills to bring Delan’s long cock to full staff as it fills his mouth and throat. The silver haired Colombian god is lead to the bedroom, bent over the bed and Delan rams his huge, raw cock wholly into that hungry ass. Delan pulls out numerous times and then shoves his cock back inside, just so that Santi is reminded of exactly how much cock is pleasuring his ass. Santi gets shoved down onto the bed, stripped of his jockstrap and Delan continues with his deep ass fucking. The guys quickly change positions and Santi takes Delan’s elegant cock into his mouth to make sure it is sufficiently lubricated. Once Santi is content, he mounts Delan and begins fucking himself with his immense cock. Another flip and this time Santi is on his back with Delan spreading his legs wide open and shoving his cock deep inside. Delan extracts his cock and plunges it in and out of Santi’s ass bringing both men closer to their explosive pleasures. As Delan is slamming his cock harder and harder with each deep thrust, Santi is stimulating his nipples until his cum fountainheads out of both of his PA holes. The sensation drives Delan over the edge and showers his load of cum all over Santi’s cock and balls. Time for The Shower again!