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Thick as Thieves, Sc. 2 starring Buddy Jones, Sergei Jordanov and Marcio Da Costa.  An afternoon of portrait painting turns into an afternoon of wild finger painting, wild sex, hot showers and mind blowing orgasms.  Buddy instigates it all, unable to sit still for the portait with a raging hard on Sergei begins to suck his huge, uncut cock.  Marcio gives up on the canvas and all three paint each other.  This leads to hot oral action that then leads to Buddies ass being fucked by Sergei’s big cock, while Buddy is sucking Marcio’s hot cock. Watch as Buddy and Sergei bath Marcio in so much of their own hot cum.  Marcio takes it all, all over his face, ass, chest and abs.  How much cum can you take?  This scene is a free download for all members.  www.KristenBjorn.com