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Thrust: Gabriel Lunna, Santi Noguera

Santi Noguera and Gabriel Lunna meet up at the local café and decide that, yes, they do want to hook up. Gabriel leads the way to his flat and the passionate kissing begins. Santi is excited and hungry and delves right in when Gabriel’s cock is released. Wrapping his lips around Gabriel’s cock, Santi expertly works his way up and down the magnificent cock shaft and delectable head. Gabriel knows that he needs to back off, with his balls too close to shooting his hot load up and out of his cock. Santi stands on the sofa, giving Gabriel ease of access to his hard cock. As Gabriel begins pleasuring Santi’s cock with his hot mouth, Santi heightens his pleasure by stimulating his nipples. As soon as Santi sees Gabriel deepthroating his cock, he takes his head into his hand and begins face fucking him hard. Santi is flipped around and Gabriel thrusts his rock-solid cock deep into his raw ass. Gabriel rams his cock in and out of Santi’s ass, allowing him the opportunity to feel it enter him over and over again. Santi gets flipped again and this time he finds himself on his back as Gabriel spreads his legs wide open and eases his cock back into Santi. Gabriel quickly picks up the pace and begins slamming Santi’s ass with a fevered pace that brings both men’s pleasure to an accelerated level. With all the hot friction happening deep within Santi he takes his cock into his hand and strokes out a creamy load of cum as Gabriel continues fucking him. As the last globs of cum flow from Santi’s cock, Gabriel unleashes his milky load of cum all over Santi’s hand and taught balls. Gabriel slips his cum slicked cock back into Santi’s wet ass. Café hook-ups are better than a cappuccino.