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Vampire of Budapest Sc. 1 starring Laszlo Fodor, Zoltan Korma, Akos Matyas and Janos Balczik.  We all know that vampires rule the medieval city of Budapest.  Everyone’s senses are on full alert, especially after dark.  Zoltan, Akos and Janos all suspect that Laszlo could be a vampire, so they stalk him and follow him home.  Once in his apartment Laszlo is stripped down, spun around and fucked by the others. Each take their turns at his ass and his mouth.  Laszlo soon explodes from so much stimulation in his ass and throat, while the others shower him with their wet and hot loads.  The guys then form an oral train with yet another hot load from each.  Still energized from the evenings pursuit Laszlo begins to fuck Janos, while Zoltan fucks Akos.  The fury of fucking leads to massive, hot Hungarian loads spewing all over.  The guys are happy to find out that none of their suspicions are correct, vampires don’t spew cum!  This scene is a free download for members.  KristenBjorn.com