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Wild Attraction Chp. 12; Stereo Love Chp. 2, starring Adrian Toledo and Adai Mazzini.  Adrian is the typical handsome man with the beautiful muscular body with a dilemma placed before him, do we choose love or wild passionate sex?  When we have two opposite lovers, one full of love and tenderness the other bursting with wild sex that drives us crazy, how do we choose?  Why do we have to choose?  Who says we can’t have both?  Adrian spends a splendid afternoon begin treated like a prince.  Tender kissing, being fed fresh fruit dripped in cream, a beautiful cock for his pleasure.  Adai shows Adrian his tender side while at the same time giving him the pleasure fuck that he so desires.  Adai turns Adrian on all fours and penetrates him deep and then unloads his hot juice all over Adrians hot ass.  Adrian then sits down on top of Adai and pleasures himself with that huge, hard cock forcing his own cock to a rigid steel rod.  Both savor the passion, the lust, the tenderness, the desire for each other embracing and cherishing the moment.  Adrian cannot stop thinking that there is something/someone else that he desires as well.  How and why do we have to choose?   See it all unfold at KristenBjorn.com