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Trends come and go, but Beards have become a form of an indicator for Gay Bears, but beards have also crossed over into the muscle groups of gays, as is put on perfect display by Gianni Maggio and Leonardo Lucatto. As most men we all wake up with a ragging hard-on that demands attention. As Gianni wakes up, he is lucky to have Leonardo by his side to service his monster cock. Gianni takes the sleeping Leonardo’s hand and places it on his throbbing cock. Leonardo awakes to the feel of the heat of Gianni’s fat cock in his hand and quickly awakens and begins sucking on that magnificent cock. As Leonardo swallows Gianni’s colossal cock, his perfect pink hole is explored by Gianni’s wandering fingers. Being spun around, Leonardo’s ass is being probed and fucked by Gianni’s famished and talented tongue. With Leonardo’s ass hot and moist, Gianni slams his raw anaconda deep inside of Leonardo’s exceptionally talented ass. As Leonardo begins backing his ass up and onto Gianni’s cock, Gianni knows that it is time to raise their fucking to a higher level. Leonardo is flipped onto his back and Gianni is positioned to gain perfect access to go as deep as he desires and Leonardo is blessed to feel a sensation he has never felt so deep within before. Gianni rises to his feet, which gives him the full control over their fucking and the depth that his cock can achieve. One final flip and Gianni comes in from behind and reaches Leonardo’s pleasure spot. Gianni fucks Leonardo’s ass deep and hard, so hard that he explodes his hot load of cum all over Leonardo’s pink ass. With he cum still spewing from his cock, Gianni rams his cock inside of Leonardo one last time. When Gianni shoves his wet cock back into Leonardo, Leonardo shoots his thick load of cum. Maintain a great Beard and you maintain a great sex life.