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International superstars Andy Star and Delan Benobe start the day out right, hard and horny. As Andy gazes out the window enjoying the morning sun, Delan enters the room stark naked and fully erect. Andy is pleased with what he sees and gently strokes Delan’s cock before he takes it into his mouth and begins lavishing it with his expert cock sucking skills. Andy stands up on the sofa and Delan immediately consumes his throbbing cock. Delan luxuriates in the sensation of Andy’s magnificent cock gliding across his hot tongue and probing down his throat. Getting flipped onto all 4’s, Delan thrives on the titillating tongue fucking his smooth ass is receiving. With his perfect ass nice and moist, Andy rams his raw cock deep inside and begins aggressively fucking away. After a deep ass pounding Delan flips Andy and shoves his long cock deep within Andy’s pleasure canal. With one more flip Andy is squatting down onto Delan’s pulsating cock as it brings him to an explosive eruption of cum. Andy jumps off just in time to catch Delan’s huge load shooting into the air and into Andy’s famished mouth.