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Big Guns: Apollo Fire, Marcos Oliveira

Apollo Fire has been training Marcos Oliveira at the gym and the sexual tension between the two has been growing, today they meet it head on. Marcos returns to Apollos’s flat with him as the men begin to strip the intensity of their kissing builds and the cocks are freed. Apollo is impressed with Marcos’ long cylindric cock and takes it into his mouth and works his way up and down the long shaft. As Marcos looks down at his hot, muscular trainer sucking his cock his excitement shoots from 70 to 1000% in an instant. His balls have drawn up tight and are ready for action. Marcos realizes that he can’t keep edging this long and switches up positions with Apollo, besides he has fantasized about this moment every time they meet up at the gym. Doing everything that he possibly can to choke down Apollo’s steel rod, Marcos’ pushes himself past his boundaries to find a new level of pleasure. Apollo sees how aroused Marcos is and moves in from behind and begins teasing his smooth ass with his cock. Wasting no time, Apollo slams his cock deep into Marcos’ ass and begins fucking him hard. Apollo continues with his onslaught of hard ass pounding as Marcos begs for him to go harder and deeper. Then Marcos’ wildest fantasy has come true as Apollo offers his ass up for his pleasure. Imagine that hot trainer that has been training me and busting my ass at the gym is now spread open in front of me waiting for my cock to fuck him. Marcos delves right in and begins fucking Apollo. Apollo senses that this is Marcos’ fantasy and wants to deliver all he can for him and switches it up and squats down on Marcos’ straining cock. In this position Marcos is able to fuck Apollo just the way he likes it and his fucking has driven Apollo to the edge as his cock begins to erupt with his creamy load of cum that flows onto Marcos’ thigh. With Apollo in this position, Marcos is unable to pull his cock out in time for us to see his first flood of cum and as he does pull out we see his cum drenched cock. The guy at the gym with those Big Guns is just as horny as you are, he just needs you to say hi!