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Gianni Maggio loves to be in control and today he is cruising the streets looking for a couple of hot men to fulfill his desires and lucks upon Gus Torres and Adam Tyrant. It is made clear to Adam and Gus that Gianni will command their performances.

Returning to Gianni’s flat, he quickly strips down and begins stroking his monster cock as the show begins. Gianni gestures for Adam to suck on Gus’ growing cock. Gus watches Gianni stroking his massive cock as Adam works his hot mouth up and down his cock shaft, sucking it to life and full of pleasure. Gianni calls for a change and Gus begins deep throating Adam’s throbbing cock.

Gianni is enjoying the show, but he has demands for more and instructs the guys to move into a 69 ass eating position. Adam’s wet tongue delves deep inside of Gus’ smooth, pink hole causing Gus’ eyes to roll to the back of his head with elation. Riding that high, Gus laps, licks, and eats Adam’s hot pink hole.

Receiving another command, Gianni instructs that the fucking begin. Adam spreads Gus’ incredible ass open and shoves his hot, smooth cock deep inside of him. While stroking his gigantic cock, Gianni signals for a flip and Gus shoves his strong cock deep inside of Adam’s smooth ass. Adam loves the way Gus fluidly gyrates his hips and fills his ass with that incredible cock.

Now that the guys have opened each other up, Gianni moves in and takes full command of the situation. Gus and Adam are lined up with their magnificent asses up and ready for fucking. Gianni shoves his substantial cock deep inside of Adam, giving his ass a deep fuck before moving over to Gus’ hungry hole. Gianni moves back and forth from one hot ass to the other.

With Adam on all 4’s, Gus takes the position above him while Gianni is fucking Adam’s ass. Gianni moves to the upper-level ass and begins fucking Gus. Gianni’s monster cock keeps moving from one ass to the other, filling both asses with huge amounts of pleasure.

Another flip and this time Adam lowers his hungry hole onto Gianni’s granite cock. While Adam is gyrating his ass up and down on Gianni, Gus is busy sucking on his pulsating cock. Pleasure is coming from every direction for this trio.

Another flip and now Gus is squatting his ass onto Gianni’s popular cock. Adam is right there to pull Gianni’s cock out and sucking on it before shoving it back into Gus’ ass.

One last command finds Gus and Adam on their knees in front of Gianni and his hefty cock. The guys finally get their opportunity to suck on the generous cock that has been bring them such pleasure. This tag team cock sucking has brought Gianni to an explosive end as he feeds both Gus and Adam his hot load of cum. Adam and Gus then share their loads with each other as they shoot their cum into each other’s hungry mouths.