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Romance is in the air as the candles are lit and lead the way to Vitorio Mendez as he anxiously awaits the arrival of Nalid Turan. Nalid gives Vitorio a sexy butt shot, which only increases the juices flowing to his cock. The kissing is passionate as Vitorio works his sweet lips up and down Nalid’s curved back and arrives at that succulent ass. Their cocks are released and Vitorio is eager to get his lips wrapped around Nalid’s stiff cock then begins sucking its full length. Nalid takes his opportunity and begins sucking on Vitorio’s handsome, chestnut colored cock deep into his mouth as he savors every centimeter as it glides past his lips and across his wet tongue. Vitorio is ready for more and spreads his legs open as he also opens up his beautiful ass and Nalid gently slides his hard cock inside. Taking full advantage of Vitorio’s talent of holding his ass open sends shivers up and down Nalid’s spine as his cock explores the depths of that perfect ass. With his cock bursting at the seams, Vitorio flips with Nalid and has Nalid squat down onto his cock as he begins a ride of unadulterated passion and pleasure. The guys flip again and this time Vitorio is on his back as Nalid drives his cock deep and hard into his hungry ass. It’s not long before Nalid is showering Vitorio’s smooth ass with his huge, creamy load of cum. The guys flip again and this time Vitorio is taking charge and giving Nalid a hot fucking. Nalid’s ass is no match for Vitorio’s pleasures as he erupts a gigantic load of cum all over his ass and inner thighs. Sex by candlelight is always romantic and we all look better by candlelight, light some candles tonight and get romantic.