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Gabriel Lunna and Attila Kardos were both working the late security shift at the big club in town when they decided to hook up after their shift. Attila drops to his knees and unleashes Gabriel’s pulsating cock and takes it passionately and assuredly deep into his mouth. Gabriel has been eyeing Attila’s bulge at work and can’t wait to get his hands, lips and ass on it. Gabriel wraps his lips around Attlia’s smooth cock and runs his lips and tongue up and down the hot shaft of his cock. After lavishing Attila’s cock with his expert cock sucking skills, Gabriel turns Attila around and gently glides his emboldened shaft deep within his smooth, pink hole. Attila then flips Gabriel onto his back and rams his hot rod inside of Gabriel’s raw hole. Riding Gabriel’s ass with a steady and building rhythm heightens both men’s desire and sensitivity. Attila pulls his cock out and showers Gabriel’s balls with his thick globs of cum. Thrusting his cum drenched cock back into Gabriel’s dripping hole only pushes Gabriel closer to the edge. As Attila begins fucking Gabriel again he erupts his huge load of cum all over his abs. Working that midnight shift has its advantages.