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Casting Couch 410: Viktor Rom, Guillem Ramos

Guillem Ramos contacted us and we agreed to film him, with one request, to work with Viktor Rom. When Viktor saw Guillem’s pics he said, “I’ll fuck him”. On the day of the shoot it was evident that both men were turned on before the camera was even turned on. As the bumping and grinding intensifies, Viktor’s sexy, hard cock pops out and Guillem gets to work. Guillem works his mouth up and down every centimeter of Viktor’s cock, feeling it grow firmer and more delicious with every slurp. Viktor bends Guillem over and begins to lick, suck and savor all three of his pleasure zones. Guillem gets his cock, balls and ass serviced in one stroke of Viktor’s talented tongue. Turning Guillem around, Viktor tests his pain/pleasure threshold by pinching his nipples and slapping his cock around. These actions only turn Guillem on that much more, which also turns Viktor on by seeing his dominance appreciated and enjoyed. Viktor knows it’s time to really put Guillem’s pain/pleasure to the next level and rams his raw cock straight in and up his smooth ass. Viktor loves dominating and loves that Guillem takes it like a man. With every forceful thrust of Viktor’s cock, Guillem’s cock responds by growing harder. Viktor flips Guillem on his side and fucks at a more tender pace, kissing and holding Guillem in a little more passionate moment. Guillem responds by shooting his creamy load all over his thigh while Viktor continues to fuck his ass. As Guillem strokes out the last of his cum, Viktor unleashes his hot load of cum all over Guillem’s ball sac. With the remaining drops of cum gushing from his cock Viktor shoves his cock back into Guillem’s wet ass. Rough or tender, it’s all good.