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John Rodriguez has been trying to hook up with muscle daddy Thomas Thunder and today that hook up plays out. As John and Thomas begin disrobing, they explore one another’s magnificently sculpted muscular bodies. As John’s cock passes through Thomas’ lips and across his tongue an explosion of pleasure shoots through John’s entire body. John is very vocal and encouraging for Thomas to suck his cock and drive him wild with pleasure. With both men’s cocks straining with firmness, John drops to his knees and begins servicing Thomas’ cock with his talented tongue and mouth. John is a hungry cock sucker and Thomas’ veiny cock is just the feast he is hungering for. The deep throat cock sucking is producing a lot of saliva that spills over onto John’s muscular thigh and only encourages him to go deeper. Before he ends up sucking cock and cum, John flips Thomas and begins tongue fucking his pink, hairy hole. John begins working his tongue from ass to ball sac to cock and back again, tasting every morsel of this hot, muscle daddy. With Thomas in the perfect position, John stands up and slams his raw cock deep into daddy’s wet ass. John gives Thomas’ ass a good teasing with his cock as he rams his cock deep inside of his ass then retracts and pulls out completely then repeating the tease fuck repeatedly. As John gives Thomas a deep ass fucking, Thomas’ cock remains rock solid throughout and quite possible reaches an erection he has never felt before.  With Thomas’ cock bursting at the seams, John is desperate to feel the steel rod deep inside of his ass. John backs up to the sofa with his knees next to his head and Thomas comes in from above and rams his cock deep inside of John’s fully accessible ass. Thomas moves John into a spooning position and comes in from behind and continues fucking John while also giving him some tender cuddling. This position works perfectly for both of them as Thomas pulls out and sends his creamy load all over John’s ass as John’s load erupts all over his tightly fisted grip on his own cock. With every last drop being spent the guys begin kissing and cuddling before the slip off to blissful sleep.