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Max Saga and Salvador Mendoza are at home relaxing when Salvador walks into the room with a suggestion on how to spend the afternoon. Max immediately sees Salvador’s excitement and reaches out and touches Salvador’s magic wand. Salvador shows off his majestic cock and Max is unable to resist and decides “let’s do it”. Moving in quickly, Max takes Salvador’s cock into his mouth and begins his expert cock sucking skills. As Salvador gets his cock sucked, his eye is on Max’s muscular ass and begins exploring it with his fingers. Unable to resist his hunger, Salvador has Max flip around and admires the magnificent rose-colored pucker hole. Salvador’s tongue probes, penetrates and pleasures Max’s beautiful ass. After paying homage to Max’s ass with his tender lips and strong tongue, Salvador stands up and slips his raw cock deep into Max’s ass. As Salvador grinds deeper into Max’s ass he picks up the intensity and begins slamming his cock harder and harder while Max surrenders to the passion and power of fucking. The guys switch it up and Max lowers his hot ass down onto Salvador’s awaiting cock. Salvador takes Max’s bountiful ass into his hands and guides him up and down on his cock, pacing him exactly as he likes it. This is one of Salvador’s favorite positions as his balls have filled up and are ready to unload. Salvador knows that he has edged long enough and has to change it up or unleash his load. Max is flipped onto his back and Salvador slowly penetrates Max’s ass again. This position is one that massages Max in exactly the perfect way that sends him over the edge. Salvador knows to slow things up if he wants to fuck that hot ass longer and switches to a smooth, rhythmic fucking that extends the pleasure for both men. Seeing that the line has been crossed and that the inevitable is close at hand, Salvador picks up the pace and Max blows his hot load of cum. Just as Max’s cock starts shooting his load Salvador goes into rapid fire fucking that forces every last drop out of Max’s cock. Salvador pulls his cock out and showers Max’s ass with his load of cum before slipping his cock back into Max’s drenched ass. Now that’s how you spice up an afternoon at home.