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Alan Vicenzo gets inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men in one of the biggest ways by Gianni Maggio. Stripping down to just his underwear, Alan gives a tantalizing view of his magnificently sculpted muscular body. Gianni enters the room and relieves him of his underwear and quickly disrobes himself, releases his monster cock. Immediately, Gianni devours Alan’s throbbing cock, feeling the hard, muscular shaft slipping across his wet tongue and down his throat. Alan’s has heard of the legend and now it is right there in front of him as his smooth, firm, full ball sac fills to enormous proportions. Gianni feels the swollen ball sac and makes sure to give them equal attention as he takes each into his hot mouth, swirling his tongue around it and feeling the fluids rushing to fill it even further. Gianni knows that he can’t let those balls fill up too fast and backs off and waits to see what Alan’s cock sucking skills are like. Alan opens wide and begins stuffing that monster cock as far down his throat as is humanly possible. With Gianni’s encouragement and guiding hands Alan does everything within his powers to conquer the monster. Alan flips onto his back and Gianni begins a game of cat and mouse, using his strong, wet tongue to moisten his ass and  tease of his throbbing cock to prep him for what is to come. One last exchange, but this time Gianni rams his mega cock into Alan’s already drenched ass. Alan is ready, takes a deep breath and immediately begins riding the wave of pleasure that is filling him so profoundly. The guys swap and Alan squats his ass down hard and deep onto Gianni’s anaconda and grinds it good. Another flip and Alan is on all 4’s with Gianni coming in hard from behind. Alan’s muscular ass opens and invites the pleasure to rush throughout his entire body. Gianni’s cock has massaged Alan’s ass perfectly in this position and Alan’s swollen balls explode his creamy load of cum as Gianni is unrelenting in his assault. The firmness of Alan’s ass muscles wrapping around Gianni’s cock is too much to resist and Gianni erupts a huge, thick load of milky cum all over that magnificent ass.