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While still within the realm of sleep, Leonardo Lucatto is dreaming of the handsome, masculine Cristian Sam. Still within his dream state, Leonardo is not sure if he is still dreaming or if reality has entered his dream as his eyes begin to flutter open it appears that there is a naked man on the other side of the sheer drape. In his confusion he believes he sees a huge cock flitter across the sheer drape. Dream, fantasy, or illusion Leonardo reaches out and grabs hold of the thick, throbbing cock and discovers he has lured Cristian into his dream. The drape is whisked away and Leonardo begins sucking, swallowing, and servicing the thick cock that is before him, taking in the full essence of his dream as it fills his mouth and throat. Leonardo is then bent over and Cristian begins to feast upon the magnificent pink hole spread open in front of him. With Leonardo’s ass sufficiently lubed up, Cristian rams his huge cock deep inside and begins fucking Leonardo on all 4’s. Cristian is so enticed by Leonardo’s talented ass that he gets up on his feet for better leverage and a deeper penetration. Just as the fucking is reaching a fevered pitch the guys swap it up and this time Leonardo lowers his ass down onto Cristian’s pulsating cock. Leonardo takes a smooth, penetrating ride up and down Cristian’s cock shaft making sure he feels and enjoys every centimeter of that cock filling his ass. Another flip and this time Leonardo is on his back and Cristian is picking up the pace and fucking him with rapid momentum that is bringing both men to the precipice of pleasure. Cristian can see the hunger in Leonardo’s eyes and pulls out to shower his hot load of cum all over his face and mouth. As Leonardo is lapping up every drop of cum his own creamy load of cum is triggered and erupts all over his furry abs.