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We have all had that fantasy of the delivery guy arriving and giving us much more than what we ordered, today our real-life story unfolds as Apolo Adri is on his way to make a delivery to Cole Keller. Cole has been working and building his muscular body to the status of a competitive bodybuilder. Nearing the competition date, Cole is busy with all the last-minute details of preparations and when Apolo arrives Cole is in the middle of deciding on the exact, perfect posting strap. A perfect stranger’s opinion is always welcomed with their fresh pair of eyes. Apolo is more than happy to lend his eye and opinion on what is most flattering and can’t believe what an amazing delivery this has turned out to be. As Cole keeps trying on different posing straps, Apolo is treated to an incredible view of that amazing, muscular ass fully nude right in front of him. Cole then asks him to help him oil up, and now the real story begins. The oil is spread over each and every bulging muscle by Apolo, who can’t control the erection that is quickly building in his pants. With all the muscle worship occurring it is not long before both men are naked and Apolo is on his knees worshiping Cole’s throbbing cock. Apolo’s hungry cock sucking leads his lips all the way down the steel shaft until his lips are pressing against Cole’s large, smooth balls. The guys swap and Cole demonstrates that it is not only his bodybuilding skills that he has mastered but his cock sucking skills as well as his mouth moves up and down the full length of Apolo’s huge cock. Apolo was tempted and teased by that hot muscular ass earlier and now he wants to spread and eat that amazing, sweet spot in the center of the globes of muscle. Unable to resist any further, Apolo mounts Cole and rams his raw cock full staff into that smooth, muscular hole. Apolo’s cock glistens magnificently as it glides in and out of the inviting pucker hole. Cole is flipped onto all 4’s and Apolo ramps up his fucking, slamming his cock deep and hard into Cole’s ass. One last flip and Cole is squatting his ass down and riding Apolo’s pulsating cock. It is not long before Cole is unleashing his creamy load of cum all over Apolo’s furry abs. Cole positions himself to scoop up Apolo’s thick globs of cum and massages it into his bicep, it must be a bodybuilder thing. Now that is the kind of delivery, we all want to experience.