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That brisk autumn air brings out the horny in us all and today Nicolas Bardem straps on his black, leather boots, mounts his motorcycle and picks up his favorite fuck buddy, Francisco Ranniero. The guys take off for a fast-paced ride as the engine roars and rumbles beneath their ass and vibrates their already stimulated cocks. Upon arrival, it is a fight to rip away the clothing that is containing their hot, muscular bodies that are begging to be pleasured. Francisco tears his way through Nicolas’ underwear to the throbbing prize that he has been anticipating to wrap his hungry mouth around. Francisco gives Nicolas a full and deep cock sucking that is only fueled by the smell of the sweat that has built up during their motorcycle trip. Nicolas drops to his knees and yanks Francisco’s jeans and underwear away so that he too can savor the delicacy of a hot, throbbing, sweaty cock. Nicolas unleashes his tremendous cock sucking skills upon Francisco and finds his cock completely drenched in drool. Nicolas is relieved of his boots and both men take in the aroma of leather, man sweat and sex as they both find the smell intoxicating. With Francisco’s cock still dripping in drool, Nicolas takes full advantage of the situation and lowers his hairy ass onto the throbbing cock and rides it as hard as he does his bike. The guys flip and Nicolas is on all 4’s while Francisco fucks his furry hole from behind. This position is one of Francisco’s favorites as his balls draw up tight and his cock becomes a granite shaft. Another flip and Francisco takes a whiff and taste of Nicolas’ sweaty ass before ramming his raw cock deep inside. Francisco sucks and fucks Nicolas at the same time and finds he is ready to explode, but it is Nicolas that is exploding from all the hot stimulation. Nicolas grabs his boot as Francisco shoots his creamy load of cum all over the smooth, black leather. Nicolas laps up the cum from his boot and from Francisco’s cock. The boot has been immersed with the juice of man sex.