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Francisco Ranniero is giving us a quit a seductive show when world renowned super model Andy Star steps into the room to induct Francisco into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. This is a powerhouse match up of sexy, handsome, muscular sex driven men that will ignite more than the flames of passion. Andy and Francisco’s lips lock in a seductive kiss that turns up the heat in the room and it is not only the heat that is rising as Francisco releases Andy’s firm and sumptuous cock. Francisco works his hot lips up and down Andy’s cock shaft, raising both men’s passions and desires to explosive levels. Being an expert and hungry cock sucker, Andy drops to his knees and takes Francisco’s full ball sac into his mouth pleasuring each individually then filling his mouth with the full, smooth sac. Andy makes his way to Francisco’s straining cock and devours it whole, sucking, slurping, and filling his mouth with utter gratification. Francisco bends Andy over and begins fingering his magnificent ass, while Andy strokes Francisco’s cock with his foot. Unable to withstand the draw of the sumptuous ass in front of him, Francisco ravages Andy’s ass with his probing tongue. With both men at full arousal, Andy is flipped onto his back and Francisco slips his cock inside of that amazing ass and begins a smooth, passionate fucking. With each thrust Francisco picks up his pace and feels Andy’s ass wrapping his cock in pure pleasure. The guys swap up and Andy gives Francisco a quick sucking before squatting his ass down onto Francisco’s starving cock. Andy slams his ass down onto Francisco’s cock, feeling it expand and pulse inside of him. Once last thrust and the creamy cum is fucked out of Andy as he continues to ride Francisco’s cock. As Andy’s hot load drips onto Francisco’s balls, he is unable to hold back any longer and Andy jumps off of his cock to take his thick load of cum on his face and drains the last drops out of his exploding cock. This is one inductee that we all want to see again.