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International Porn Star Viktor Rom is eager to induct Thiago Beor into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Viktor takes Thiago into his arms and ravishes him with his irresistible kisses and Thiago responds with pure pleasure as his knees begin to go weak beneath him. It is a good thing Viktor’s huge biceps are there to support him.

While Viktor is lavishing Thiago with kisses his hands have wandered to Thiago’s meaty buttocks, assessing the goods, so to speak. Thiago can feel the legendary bulge rising up beneath Viktor’s jeans and is eager to get at it. As he drops to his knees, he is mesmerized at the sheer size of it up so close.

Thiago unfastens Viktor’s jeans and out flops Viktor’s magnificent cock, Thiago has waited for this moment far too long to let another second pass. Thiago consumes every centimeter of the caramel-colored throbbing cock. His eagerness takes him all the way to the base as he pauses and inhales the aroma of celebrity man meat. Viktor is impressed with Thiago’s skills and just stands there and lets Thiago’s talents run free all the way up and down his hungry cock shaft.

All that expert cock sucking has gotten Viktor worked up and hungry for more. To satisfy his hunger Viktor bends Thiago over and spreads his thick ass muscles as he leans in and begins feasting. Thiago can feel the ripples of pleasure shooting throughout his entire body as Viktor’s bristly beard rakes across his smooth ass.

Viktor’s hunger is driving him further and faster as he rises up, unsheathes his bulbous cock head and gently nudges it forward as Thiago opens up. Viktor takes his time, allowing Thiago the ability to catch his breath and relax his ass muscles. Thiago relinquishes his ass to Viktor and he is off to the races at full gallop, slamming his cock in and out of Thiago’s equally hungry hole.

Time for a flip and Thiago gets flipped onto his back as Viktor continues with his aggressive fucking. Viktor is veraciously fucking Thiago and Thiago is loving every second of his fantasy come to life.

Another flip and this time Thiago is on top of Viktor, providing us with an incredible view of that massive cock driving deeper and deeper inside of Thiago’s accommodating ass. Viktor’s rapid-fire fucking has both men’s balls drawn up tight and ready for an explosive climax. Thiago has grabbed hold of his cock and ejaculates a geyser of cum into the air. Thiago’s pulsating ass triggers Viktor’s explosion. Thiago jumps off and catches the thick, creamy load of cum all over his face and famished tongue. Just another star fuck to some a lifetime fantasy for others.