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Legion of Vengeance Scene 4; starring Henrick Toth, Jeremy Sheldon, Arpad Majores, Mihaly Tolnay
At the Black Crows’ lair, kickboxing practice is going on, with four muscular studs working up a sweat. The sparring quickly turns to sex. Tight, tanned and lean Henrick’s body glistens as he sucks his sinewy teammate, Jeremy. Arpad gives his teammate Mihaly the same pleasure. Henrick gets fucked by all three of the boxers in succession. He looks amazing sitting on Jeremy and riding his cock. Henrick erupts as Arpad is fucking him, and his cum-shot is huge. All of the other studs quickly follow with their loads and Jeremy, in particular, produces a huge shot that leaves Henrick’s defined pecs wet with cum. This is a free download for all members this week. Get your copy now at www.KristenBjorn.com