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Aroused and horny Jacob Lord is ready to induct Mariano de la Torre into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Mariano strips down and shows off his beefy, muscular body and it is his beefy ass that gets Jacob the most excited.

Jacob eases Mariano into their hook up by pleasuring his rock-hard, uncut cock with his expert cock sucking skills. Mariano’s desire for cock is piqued as Jacob teases him with his towering cock. Once Mariano’s lips meet with Jacob’s cock he goes balls deep and consumes Jacob’s steely cock. Mariano works his lips up and down Jacob’s cock shaft taking in the full aroma wafting up from his hairy balls.

Mariano gets flipped onto his back and spreads those thick thighs so that Jacob has full access to that hot pink center of his ass. Jacob begins fingering and feasting on that hot hole, feeling the hot pleasure emanating from within. Mariano gets flipped onto all 4’s and Jacob continues eating his hot ass.

With Mariano still on all 4’s, Jacob gets behind him and lunges his hard cock balls deep into Mariano’s beefy mounds of muscle. Jacob immediately begins a deep, penetrating fucking, slamming his heavy balls against that burly, muscle ass.

Mariano takes the top position as he squats his huge ass down onto Jacob’s hungry cock. Mariano pounds his ass down hard and continues fucking himself with sheer pleasure. Jacob grabs hold of those delicious mounds of muscle and guides Mariano up and down his cock shaft.

Jacob flips Mariano onto his back without ever removing his throbbing cock. Not skipping a beat, Jacob continues hammering away at Mariano’s magnificent ass, causing both men to reach their apex of pleasure. Mariano grabs hold of his cock and squeezes out his load of cum as Jacob continues with his heart pounding fucking. Just as Mariano shoots the last of his load Jacob showers Mariano’s entire torso with his huge load of cum that flies everywhere.