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Nik Fros and Favio Vador are not only Hot Fuckers, but matching macho bookends to the other. Although from opposite sides of the globe their equally masculine good looks and muscularity make them a great match for today’s sexual explosion.

When Favio and Nik come together their hairy torso’s meld together and the passionate kissing ignite their chemistry for one another. Favio’s hand travels across and down Nik’s muscular torso and down inside of his taught jeans, where he discovers the generous and preeminence of his desires, gaining strength within his grasp.

When Nik’s cock is unleashed, it is already at it is full rock-solid firmness, standing at attention and demanding equal amounts of pleasure. Favio drops to his knees and sucks in the entire length of Nik’s rigid cock, and begins to worship his cock, just as it demands. Nik is horned up and hungry as he bends Favio over and spreads those magnificent ass cheeks apart to expose his cinnamon-colored pucker. Nik immediately begins feasting on all of its perfections and delights.

Time is not to be wasted and Nik plunges his rock-hard cock deep inside of Favio’s wet and primmed ass. The hot ass eating that Favio just received has prepped him for the power fuck that he receives right from the beginning.

Nik lies down as Favio squats his impressive ass down and onto Nik’s slicked up cock. The intensity of their fucking hits a new high as both men slam together, one cock, one ass in unison. Favio rides Nik’s granite cock to the very base as Nik rises up to meet each of his downward thrusts.

Another flip and this time Favio is on his back and Nik is ramming his cock deep within from above. The ferocity of their fucking has yet to wane as Favio grabs hold of his own strong cock and begins matching Nik’s thrusts. As Nik is reaching his apex, Favio’s cock explodes with a creamy load of cum, which only triggers Nik as he erupts with a huge load of cum all over Favio’s ripped, hairy abs. Nik shoves his cock back inside of Favio’s famished hole and delivers the last of his gift of cum.