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The very sexy, voracious, and handsome Nik Fros is here to induct the flirtatious Scott Santos into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Nik, being the expert, knows how to provoke and engage his partners and give them, and us an experience that leaves us wanting more.

After a little seductive kissing, Nik drops his shorts, exposing his meaty, mouth-watering cock as it begins swelling with pleasure. Scott reaches out and grabs hold of the hot man flesh swelling in his hand, feeling the heat radiating from Nik’s burgeoning cock.

Nik lies back and allows Scott to perform his cock sucking talents on his throbbing cock. As Scott is busy deep throating Nik’s magnificent cock, Nik is lying there playing with his nipples as he gets his cock serviced and Scott delivers the expert cock sucking skills that Nik is honored to receive.

Getting flipped onto all 4’s, Scott’s ass gets an expert servicing from Nik as his tongue, licks, probes and fucked by Nik’s hungry tongue. Nik works his way from ass to balls, balls to cock and all the way back to hairy ass. Scott gets a thorough service while on his hands and knees.

With Scott’s ass thoroughly drenched with Nik’s spit, Nik rises up and slips his cock into that hairy, wet hole. Nik starts out with a slow, methodical fucking rhythm as Scott catches his breath and joins in with the rhythm.

Just as the guys reach a perfectly paired rhythm, Nik rises to his feet and flips Scott onto his side and slams his cock deep inside for a hardcore ass pounding. This position gives Nik the opportunity to go balls deep with each thrust of his granite cock.

With another flip, Scott is squatting his furry ass down onto Nik’s throbbing cock. Nik rams his cock hard and deep inside of Scott as the two men work in unison for a fantastic fuck. This is the position that allows Nik’s cock to feel all that it wants to feel as Scott’s ass expertly milks Nik’s cock for his hot load. As Nik draws near, Scott jumps off of his cock and positions himself for a mouthful of Nik’s delicious load of cum.