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Flexing muscle man, Gianni Gio is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the very sex, very handsome Gus Torres. Gus is all smiles as he enters the room and begins some hot, passionate kissing with Gianni. As the kissing heats up the hands begin exploring the bulging underwear that is being stretched to the limits.

The guys strip down and Gus is eager to get at Gianni’s chestnut colored cock that is at full attention and demanding to be serviced. Gus is hungry to wrap his lips and mouth around that magnificent cock as he runs his tongue up and down the long, dark cock shaft. Gus sucks, chokes, gags, and devours Gianni’s throbbing cock. Gianni switches up with Gus and grabs his ball sac in one hand and begins sucking his cock down his throat.

Gianni flips Gus around and begins licking, lapping and fucking Gus’ ass with his powerful tongue. Gus spreads his ass cheeks open and Gianni’s ass eating skills brings a whole new level of pleasure to this encounter.

With Gus’ ass perfectly primmed, Gianni stands up and begins by teasing his smooth hole with just the head of his cock, slowly thrusting more and more of his cock into that perfect ass. Gianni’s deep ass fucking has Gus’ cock as hard as granite and ready to bust. Ramming his cock in and out of Gus’ ass gives us the perfect vantage point of watching Gus’s hole open and close with each thrust.

Gus jumps onto the bed and does a gymnastic back flip and is face fucked by Gianni’s sweaty, ass fucking, juice coated cock. In this upside-down position Gianni has fully, unobstructed access to fuck Gus’ throat deep and hard.

Switching up positions again, Gus squats his hungry hole down onto Gianni’s awaiting cock. Gus thrusts his ass up and down Gianni’s granite cock shaft as Gianni grabs hold of his ass and goes along for the wild ride. Gus has ground his ass hard on Gianni’s cock and unleashes his thick, creamy load of cum.

Gus is flipped onto his stomach and Gianni continues to drill his ass deep and hard with his strong cock. Gianni has fucked Gus beyond the point of no return and pulls his swollen cock out as his monstrous cock head explodes his milky white cream all over Gus’s sweet hole.