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Deep behind the elegant walnut doors lies the very handsome couple of Gus Torres and Mika Ayden. Gus and Mika have invited us in for a whirlwind of pleasure that they believe will tickle our need to be voyeurs.

Gus and Mika lean into each other and the tender, romantic kissing begins. Gus is an eager and horny young man and begins stripping Mika of his clothes. Gus takes Mika’s downward curved cock into his hand and is eager to feel it glide across his tongue and gently down his throat. Gus begins with Mika’s bulbus cock head, giving it special attention before feeling it slip past his lips. Mika knows Gus’ talents and begins face fucking him balls deep.

Mika changes positions with Gus, and tenderly runs his wet lips up and down Gus’ cock shaft before he takes the growing cock deep into his mouth. Wanting to feel the full pleasure of Gus’ cock Mika also goes balls deep, forcing himself past his gag reflex and into the realm of pleasure.

Gus flips Mika around and begins feasting on Mika’s magnificent ass. Gus knows that Mika’s ass is primed and rises up and slowly penetrates that hot, pink hole. Mika gasps for air and quickly finds his pleasure zone and is riding high on the sensation of Gus’ cock deep in his ass.

Mika flips onto his back and Gus shoves his throbbing cock inside of that blonde, furry hole. Gus starts with a slow tempo, allowing Mika time to catch his breath. Once Mika takes a deep breath, Gus ramps up his fucking and fucks sheer pleasure deep inside of Mika.

The guys swap up positions as Gus lowers his ass down onto Mika straining cock. Gus rides Mika’s cock fast and furious as he slams his ass down onto Mika’s full ball sac. Gus turns around and we are gifted with the opportunity to watch Gus’ cock thrash about as he drives his ass up and down Mika’s cock. Mika’s curved cock is in the perfect position to massage Gus’ prostate perfectly. It’s not long before Gus grabs hold of his cock and is shooting a huge, creamy load of cum. Gus hops off of Mika’s cock just in time to catch his hot load of cum in his mouth. You never know what is happening behind closed doors.