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var affURL=’http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/sharedclip_redirect_ccbill_link.php?PA=YOUR.AFFILIATE.NUMBER’; flowplayer(“div.video_holder_1380”, {src:’http://nats.kristenbjorn.com/flash/flowplayer.swf’, width: 640, height: 360}, { playlist: [‘http://kristenbjorn.com/files/model/previewclips/458/previewclip_wides_large.jpg’, { autoPlay: false,autoBuffering: false,loop: false,url: ‘http://www.kristenbjorn.com/files/model/previewclips/458/cc15_preview.flv’,linkUrl: affURL } ], plugins: { controls: {all: true,play: true,scrubber: true,mute: true,fullscreen: true}} } ); Rocky has discovered that with his new found fame that he can have all the hot guys he wants, today he wants Andy. No sooner than Andy is in the door they are stripping down, kissing and Andy has Rockies beautiful cock in his hungry mouth. Andy is sucking his cock like it is royalty. He also knows that Rockies hot ass has been entertained by some of the hottest lips, tongues and cocks in the business and he wants a taste of that perfect pucker hole. Rocky has seen many hot cocks in his career and is eager to get Andy’s equally huge, hot cock in his mouth. He sucks on Andy’s cock, feeling it grow harder deep in his mouth and then glides his tongue to the pleasure point that he really wants, Andy’s hot ass. He fucks Andy’s ass with his tongue until he feels that it is perfectly primed for his cock. Rocky stands and presses the head of his cock against Andy’s wet hole and gently penetrates him, fucking him only with the head of his cock at first then building and driving deeper and deeper with each new thrust. Moving to a bench Rocky has Andy sit on top of his cock and Andy gyrates and fucks himself with Rockies hard cock. We are treated to a perfect view of the penetration and Andy’s excitement as his cock grows harder, his balls become heavier as he pleasures himself on top of Rocky. Andy has pleasured himself past the point of no return and squeezes out his hot load all over himself. I guess you could say that Andy squeezed out everything that he wanted from his visit with Rocky.   www.KristenBjorn.com