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Hans Berlin slips into the world-renowned seer’s lair to see what he can learn, but Gianni Maggio already knows who he is and what he seeks. Gianni proceeds to prepare a reading for Hans as the candle is lit and the cards are dealt. What will the cards tell us? The cards are not clear and Gianni must use a more powerful reading, “The Ora-Culo of Ur-Anus” reading.

Gianni prepares Hans for the reading by stripping him down to his jock strap and retrieving his ora reader. Trepidation is all over Han’s face as he plays along. Gianni is unable to get a clear reading and has to delve deeper to see what the future holds for Hans.

As Hans is splayed on the chair, Gianni uses another of his ora readers, his tongue, to explore Hans’ much deeper. Gianni begins licking, lapping, and fucking Han’s smooth, pink hole with his tongue and the more he preforms this ritual the more he is able to get a clearer reading.

Gianni needs to increase the intensity of this reading and has Hans take his monster cock in both hands and suck ever last centimeter that he possibly can down his hungry throat. Hans is determined to find his future so he gives himself and his mouth completely to Gianni’s massive cock.

Employing another of his tools for ora reading, Gianni bends Hans over and rams his gigantic cock in and out of Hans’ hungry hole. There is no holding back as Gianni fucks Hans with a voracious energy that has both men moaning out to the spirit world.

As with all readings, sometimes a different angle will give a different perspective, so Hans is on his back, legs wide open and Gianni’s anaconda is pumping his ass full of pleasure and the spirits of all monster cocks past and present. Hans can feel the spirit deep within him and calls out “fuck me”!

Another angle provides a different insight and deeper pleasure as Hans lowers his horny ass down onto Gianni’s monster cock and begins a roller coaster thrill ride to find answers or just a hot load of cum, why not both? Hans’ ass has massaged both men beyond the point of no return as Gianni sprays his hot load of cum all over and inside of Hans’ ass. Hans continues the wild ride until he shoots his creamy load all over Gianni’s cock and balls.

Are you ready to have your “The Ora-culo of Ur-anus” read? What will your culo tell us?