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Good Morning, well its not a good morning until you get off and Bastian Karim has awoken with a ragging hard-on and is in need of pleasure from James Keresford. Bastian releases James’ growing cock and awakens him with his hot lips wrapped around his hot cock.

Bastian quickly brings James’ monster cock to its full length and girth and he runs his succulent lips up and down that majestic cock shaft. With his gag reflexes still asleep Bastian goes for all he can swallow.

James jumps out of bed, strips Bastian of his underwear and begins indulging himself on that sumptuous ass, breakfast is served. Masterfully working his tongue up and down, in and out and all-around Bastian’s perfect pucker hole until it is perfectly primed.

Rising up, James takes Bastian’s hips into his hands and gently guides his throbbing cock into Bastian’s primed ass. James begins with gently assailing Bastian’s ass until Bastian is able to catch his breath and release his muscular grip. Once this all comes together, James picks up the pace and begins ramming his cock in and out and taking the opportunity to catch another taste of Bastian’s perfect ass.

James lies down on the bed and Bastian lowers his aroused ass down onto that huge cock, standing fully erect are ready for action. Bastian grinds his ass up and down on all 23 cm (9”) of James’ cock at full attention.

Bastian gets flipped onto his back and James continues with his aggressive fucking without skipping a beat. As the pressure and pleasure build, James pops his cock out of Bastian’s ass then slips it right back in and continues with the pleasurable fucking. James has fucked and massaged Bastian exquisitely that he blows his creamy load of cum while James continues fucking the cum out of him. James positions himself so that Bastian is lapping at his balls until James feeds him his hot load of cum. Is anyone else exhausted, I am going back to bed!