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Many years ago, Santiago Rodriguez and Bastian Karim were childhood friends. Santiago had moved away for school and had said good-bye to his good friend. Bastian got Santiago’s phone number and contacted him when he got to the city. When Santiago first saw Bastian, he thought to himself “hot damn” this boy grew up and in the best way! Santiago invites Bastian over and as soon as he arrives the sparks fly. The shirts are off and the passionate kissing begins. Santiago pulls Bastian’s pants down, leaving him in his KB jock strap and as that is pulled down Santiago is left with another fantastic impressive moment of a cock that stands fully on its own merits. With that magnificent cock before him, Santiago begins sucking and running his lips up and down the hard shaft of Bastian’s cock. Stripping himself of his own jeans, Santiago’s balls fall freely and Bastian narrows in on them and sucks and tugs on the low hangers. Bastian makes a feast of Santiago’s cock before Santiago bends him over the arm of the sofa and begins devouring his blossoming ass. Santiago works his strong tongue deep into the soft, pink hole preparing it for his monster cock. As Bastian pushes his ass back onto Santiago’s tongue as his level of moaning indicates that he is ready to be fucked. Santiago rams his raw cock deep into Bastian’s ass and immediately begins fucking him at an enthusiastic pace, that only makes Bastian’s cock that much harder. Santiago rams his cock in and out of Bastian’s ass giving him a rough fucking, pausing long enough to pull out and taste that sweet ass taking his hot cock. Ramming that ass one last time Santiago dumps his creamy load of cum up inside of Bastian. Santiago drops to his knees to felch his hot load of cum as Bastian pushes it out of his talented ass. Once he licks Bastian’s ass clean of his cum, he finds that he is excited more than ever with the taste of his hot load fresh on his tongue. Bastian lowers his ass onto Santiago’s cock with each man taking his turn at pleasuring himself. Flipping again, this time Bastian finds himself on his back and Santiago going deep. Bastian’s balls have drawn up real tight as Santiago pumps his ass full of cock. With one last thrust of Santiago’s cock, Bastian’s cock erupts with a huge load of cum all over his ripped abs. Santiago gives it one last push and mixes his load with Bastian’s. Who is that one childhood friend that makes you say, “hot damn”?