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Jagged Mountain Scene 5, starring Brad Hern and Sergio Serrano. Sergio finds himself on a deserted highway when Brad happens along at the right moment. It has been a hot day and both men have worked up a good sweat and hunger for sex. Brad takes Sergio back to his place and finds that Sergio has a real need to be serviced. Brad finds himself in a very fortunate position. Sergio’s cock is much bigger than it looked in the car. Brad is keen on showing Sergio what a great cock sucker he is, and with the huge, fat, uncut cock of Sergio’s it is a perfect match. Sergio takes full advantage of this and fucks Brad’s face forcing his fat head to penetrate deep into Brad’s throat. Sergio flips Brad over the back of the car and pries Brad’s ass open with his hot, wet tongue. Brad’s ass is now primed for the assault that Sergio’s fat cock is about to deliver. Sergio drives deep and hard on the first thrust, leaving Brad moaning and gasping for more. Sergio continues his hot assault until Brad can no longer hang on and blows his load as Sergio continues to pound his ass. Sergio, feeling Brad’s ass muscles contracting around his cock throws him over the edge as well and shoots his hot load all over Brad’s ass. Brad’s ass is now drenched in sweat, cum and fuck juice, just what Sergio has been craving a taste of.  KristenBjorn.com