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Jagged Mountain Scene 2 – 4A starring Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas, Sergio Serrano and Tomas Friedel. Rodrigo calls Sergio to brag about the great sex he just had, only to find out that Sergio has the exact same news for him. So the two decide to do what hot men do, join forces. Sergio and Brad arrive and are immediately intertwinded with their new friends. Rodrigo and Sergio begin undressing each other as Brad and Tomas are lip locked in passionate kissing. The clothes coming flying off and all cocks are raging hard. Brad and Rodrigo begin to service Tomas and Sergio’s fat cocks with such vigorous passion and lustful tongues. Sergio and Rodrigo are impressed with the expertise of cock sucking that they are receiving. Brad is loving the feel of Tomas’ cock deep in his throat, while Rodrigo’s mouth is being stretched to its limits with Sergio’s fat cock. Both men continue working over their partners hot cocks when Brad works himself up to an eruption of hot cum as he continues his oral onslaught on Tomas. The excitement of pleasing his partner pushes Tomas to shoot his hot load in Brad’s awaiting tongue and mouth. Brad continues to suck Tomas dry of all his hot juice. Sergio finds himself on sensory overload from watching Brad and Tomas releasing their hot loads and the pleasure of his hard cock in Rodrigo’s wet and hungry mouth. He can no longer hold back and unleashes his hot load all over Rodrigo’s muscular chest. Have you received a phone call with a special invitation from your good friend today? See it all at www.KristenBjorn.com