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Jagged Mountain Scene 2-4B starring Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas, Sergio Serrano and Tomas Friedel. Sergio and Tomas have been treated to the oral expertise of Bran and Rodrigo, now they want to see if the guys are just as talented bottoms. Brad starts out by sitting on Tomas’ hot cock and taking it to new depths of pleasure. Tomas has his cock buried deep within Brad and then releases his desire to plow him hard and furious. Sergio takes a different approach by bending Rodrigo over and thrusting his cock deep into Rodrigo’s hungry hole, then pulling out completely and thrusting forward and fully into that hot hole. Brad continues to ride Tomas’ hot cock to its fullest, pounding his ass on that hot cock as hard and deep as he can go. Tomas sees the delight that Brad is getting from his cock that he takes control of the pounding and jackhammers Brad’s ass as hard and deep as possible giving Brad a profundity of pleasure. Sergio continues his onslaught on Rodrigo’s ass and stretches his hole to new limits with his fat and meaty cock. Our hot bottoms find that it is time to return the pleasure to their partners and flip them. Brad puts Tomas on his back and is now penetrating his ass. Sergio lays on his side as Rodrigo takes him from behind. Both men have their legs spread wide and invite us to visually enjoy their pleasures along with them. Sergio’s hot cock mushrooms in girth and hardness as he reaches and explodes his hot load as Rodrigo continues pounding his ass. Tomas explodes his hot, thick load all over his chest as Brad continues to pump his ass. As Brad feels Tomas’ ass contract on his cock in unison with his orgasm he is driven to deliver his hot load on Tomas’ abs and cock. Don’t you love when your friends call and share their good times with you? www.KristenBjorn.com