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KB Leather: Jonathan Miranda, Adrian Monroy

Jonathan Miranda and Adrian Monroy stop over and see all the KB Leather products on display for the day’s photo shoot. Johnathan and Adrian are turned on by the feel of the leather and want to play before the shoot. Making selections for Adrian, Jonathan helps him into his leather and we all know what happens when you play with leather, once you go leather you don’t go back. Adrian is bent over and Jonathan spreads his beautiful, muscular ass that is framed with his black jock strap and delves deep and parts his sweet hole with his tongue. Adrian gets a thorough ass eating before he spins Jonathan around and gets his mouth stuffed with his fat cock. Jonathon takes full advantage of his cock being soaking wet and takes his cock from Adrian’s mouth to his chestnut ass. Grabbing onto Adrian’s harness, Jonathan loves the leverage it gives him with his fucking as he slips his cock in and out of Adrian’s incredible ass. Adrian then moves onto his side on the table and Jonathan spreads his legs open and the jock strap makes an X, to mark the exact spot to plunge your cock into. The rhythmic fucking changes as Adrian lowers his magnificent ass onto Jonathan’s thick, pulsating cock. Adrian forces his ass all the way down to Jonathan’s ball sac and begins a hot fucking that brings equal pleasure to both men. Adrian is flipped again and this time he is on his side again and Jonathan comes in from behind. As soon as his meaty cock enters Adrian gasps for air as his balls draw up tight and prepare for action. Jonathan’s cock massages Adrian in just the right spot and forces Adrian’s cum to fly out of his cock. Adrian’s creamy globs of cum land on the table as Jonathan continues to fuck every drop out of his cock. As Adrian’s ass spasms with pleasure it also massages and coaxes Jonathan’s hot load from his cock. Jonathan shoots his thick load of cum all over Adrian’s ass and jock. Of course, there is always enough cum to be deposited inside of a hot ass. Time to put your leather on and get into action.