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Times are tough and Bastian Karim desperately wants that new leather cockring and decides to slip it into his pocket, unbeknownst to him, shop keeper Gianni Maggio has been keeping a close eye on him. Bastian attempts to slip out of the shop when Gianni pulls him back in and into the back room. Gianni is going to make Bastian pay for the cockring by pulling out his monster cock and shoving it down Bastian’s throat. Feeling the need for a bit more punishment, Gianni slaps his cock across Bastian’s face before giving him a deep face fucking. A bit surprised, Gianni finds himself impressed with the level of cock sucking skills that Bastian possesses. Knowing Bastian’s skill level, Gianni continues to taunt and tease him with his gigantic cock. Gianni then bends Bastian over and begins making a complete meal of his perfect ass, driving his tongue deep inside. Without any notice, Gianni stands and rams his raw, monster cock deep inside of Bastian’s amazing ass. Gianni reaches a fevered pace in no time as his colossal cock rips Bastian’s ass apart. Quickly realizing that this is no ordinary thief, Gianni sees that he has lucked out today and has an amazing sex partner in front of him. Bastian takes a seat with his legs spread in the air as Gianni slips his gigantic cock in and out of his magnificent ass. This position has massaged both men perfectly as Gianni showers his cum all over Bastian’s smooth balls and ass. When Bastian feels that hot cum coating his balls and ass, his own cock explodes with pure pleasure. Just as the last drops of cum are drooling out of Bastian’s cock head, Gianni slips his wet cock back inside. I think Bastian should get the cockring, he earned it!