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Klein Kerr eagerly agrees to introduce us to our newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, Juancho Severano. The guys wanted to show off their incredibly sculpted, muscular bodies by wearing their uber sexy wrestling singlets. Luckily for us it gives a great tease of their ever-growing meaty cocks. The excitement in the air is rising, the sexual energy is off the charts and the kissing is full of passion. As the guys stand the wrestling singlets are discarded and their magnificent cocks are begging for attention. Klein cannot resist wrapping his luscious lips around Juancho’s throbbing cock. Being a proud cock sucker, Klein shows Juancho that he is not only able to deep throat his cock but adept with a good face fucking. Klein moves into a position that allows Juancho to demonstrate his equally talented cock sucking skills. Juancho easily deep throats Klein’s straining cock and gets his face fucked by Klein’s rock-hard cock. Juancho quickly flips Klein onto his back and thrusts his pulsating cock into his hairy, raw ass. Juancho’s rapid fire, deep fucking massages Klein in the most perfect way that triggers his cock to shoot his cum over his shoulders. Klein flips onto all 4’s and Juancho continues with his full-on ass fucking, banging Klein’s ass with each deep thrust. Juancho is unable to resist the utter perfection of Klein’s harry ass and creams his ass with his thick load of cum. Slipping his cum drenched cock back into Klein’s wet ass, Juancho releases the last of his load up Klein’s ass. The guys return to their passionate kissing and this wrestling match is complete.