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Frank Valencia has just returned from the jewelers, where he had his rings cleaned and is admiring there sparkle when Jony Blond enters the room and has something more exciting for him to admire. Jony steps around from behind the sofa and lets Frank gaze upon his raging hard cock fighting to get free from the confines of his underwear. As Jony steps free from his confinement Frank begins drooling in anticipation of what pleasures await him. With Jony’s smooth, rock-solid cock standing at full attention, Frank leans in and wraps his luscious lips around his man’s cock and begins to show it all the love he can with his hot mouth and throat. Jony finds that his cock is on the edge of a massive explosion and changes things up quickly and begins sucking on Frank’s steel rod. Frank is a hungry fucker and wants more as he turns around and backs his smooth ass up and onto Jony’s awaiting tongue. Frank fucks himself on Jony’s tongue until his desire for more takes over as Jony is making a feast of that hot, muscular ass. Frank braces himself against the wall as Jony comes in from behind and rams his raw cock deep inside of Frank’s drenched ass. With Frank being so horned up, Jony slams his cock deep and begins fucking with deep thrusting motions that fuels both men’s passions and desires. The guys switch it up and Jony sits on the lounge chair as Frank lowers his hungry ass down onto Jony’s throbbing cock. Frank begins with a slower pace as his engorged cock flops about with the weight of pleasure filling his cock more and more with each thrust. Another flip and Frank finds himself on his back with the massive bodybuilder fucking him from above. The sight of all those muscles makes Frank’s cock stretch to its full limits. With all the stimulation of that hot, muscular cock fucking him and the sight of that perfect, muscular form drives Frank over the edge as he explodes his thick, creamy load of cum all over his ripped abs. Jony knows how hungry Frank has been and stands up and feeds him his hot load of muscle milk. Frank sucks and swallows every last drop of that hot load of cum. Love always takes to sex to a higher level.