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Are you tired of being ghosted and all the other games played on apps, Gus Torres and Paull Bradd find out that the Old School way is much more affective with guaranteed results. Meeting out in public has its own stimuli and their voyeur/exhibitionism kicks in and gets their hook-up off and running.

Paull follows Gus back to his flat and the seduction of kiss, touch, and striptease begins. Both men’s lean, smooth, muscular bodies are tempting, but it is their hard cocks that are demanding the most attention. Paull takes Gus’ cock into his hungry mouth and slowly runs his thick lips up and down the Gus’ long cock shaft.

Not a single word has been exchanged, yet every desire is understood as Gus bends Paull over and rams his raw cock deep inside his beautiful bubble butt. Gus’ legs are spread wide, allowing him full access as his cock invades Paull’s hot ass. Gus’s smooth, passionate fucking has Paull moaning with a desire that only a hot cock can fulfill.

Gus pulls out and Paull begins sucking on the hot cock that still smells and tastes of his sweet ass. Paull flips onto his back and once again Gus uses his flexibility to gain full access to that sweet ass. The language of lust is exchanged between Gus and Paull, as they gaze into each other’s eyes and Paull’s ass is filled with hard, raw cock. Gus’ balls slam against Paull’s ass filling and lifting both men’s hunger for more.

Another flip and Gus is on his back with his legs spread wide and Paull squats his muscular ass down onto Gus’ throbbing cock. Paull rides the full length of Gus’ cock and we are treated to a full view of both magnificent holes at the same time.

Paull turns around and Gus’ cock massages him perfectly. The groans of passion grow along with both men’s passion as Paull continues pounding his ass down onto Gus’s thundering cock. Paull has been pushed to the brink and grabs his cock, exploding his thick, creamy load of cum while still fucking himself on Gus’ cock. Paull jumps off just in time to catch a face and mouthful of Gus’ hot load of cum. Paull sucks up every last drop of Gus’ cum, feeling the warm load slip across his tongue and down his throat.