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Orgies Parts 1 and 2 starring  Hugo Martin, Jean Franko, Darren Robins, Carl Wilde, Erik Demko and Alex Brinski.  This next scene from Orgies was taken from the film Action Parts 1&2.  Action is about new recruits learning all they need to know to be a “porn star”.  The men have been assembled and lined up in front of Hugo.  Will Hugo pass this part of his examination?  First he must orally pleasure all 5 hot cocks in front of him.  He must keep each cock hard as he works his way up and down the line.  Hugo has passed his exam as 5 hot cocks spray their hot loads all over his chest.  His next exam is to see if he is able to fuck and be fucked at the same time.  Simultaneously Carl is being given his exam, his exam is to be double penetrated by Alex and Jean.  Hugo is having no problems with this exam as he is able to keep both of his partners hard and engaged, while Carl is having a little difficulty with Jean’s fat cock assaulting his ass.  Carl hangs on as both cocks plow deep into his ass and grow harder and larger with every new thrust.  Carl has passed his exam as Jean and Alex explode their hot loads on his exhausted ass.   Hugo has passed his next exam as the fuck chain begins ripping off there cum shots in rapid fire succession.  It is a great day when you know that you have passed your course with flying colors.  Get your hot copy now at www.KristenBjorn.com