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Casting Couch 7&8, have you been keeping up with your castings? This segment from our new release the very popular muscle God Aitor Crash and Peter. What started out as a massage for Peter quickly jumped past the massage and to the torrid sex. Aitor is gifted with those rugged, masculine looks that entice any man in his presence. His inviting eyes, hot, sultry lips, nipples that jump up for attention, his interminable hard cock, that huge, beefy ass just waiting to be pleasured, his ink work, that of a master craftsman all present a package of desire. Peter has seen Aitor in action before a knew that hiring him for a massage was his ticket to a hot afternoon. Wasting no time Peter has his hands and lips all over Aitor. Peter gives Aitor’s hard cock the pleasure it rightfully deserves, swallowing it whole, feeling every inch as it glides deep into his throat with such ease. Aitor devours Peter’s cock with those perfect lips and tongue. He then flips over for his true passion, a hot tongue and wet lips working his big muscle ass. Peter has heard of this legendary ass and soon discovers that the hot pink hole that he has dreamed and fantasized about is truly a feast for only the most deserving of men. With his cock straining at full mast he enters the hot pink bud of delight. Peter is enthralled with the rapture of the perfect ass that has enthralled his cock. Peter can no longer resist as Aitor’s ass sucks the cum out of him. Aitor now takes Peter’s ass and penetrates him deep. Pulling out completely then pressing deep within Peter’ ass. Aitor unleashes his hot load all over Peter as the two collapse upon one another. Don’t you love being massage from the inside out? www.KristenBjorn.com