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Today I’ve posted an intro video from Parashooter on Youtube (attached below), so check it out if you haven’t seen the video. The parashooter who falls in introduction is actually Max Veneziano’s character. Now Max on this cover is a perfect example of a perfect cover guy. Definitely one of the sexiest guys who worked for Kristen Bjorn. Here’s what Kristen Bjorn has to say about him: “Max is one of the most gifted performers I have ever worked with. He exudes sexuality, and is a complete exhibitionist, and proud of it. However, Max is no prima donna; he is hard working, always well mannered, friendly and polite.”
Something I didn’t know about Max is that he is also a kick-box champion, and even represented Italy for the Olympics. All of you out there can investigate. It was interesting to find how he progressed and kept changing his looks. Until my personal favorite – military look.

His filmography includes: Bone Island, Under the Big Top, Men Amongst the Ruins, Parashooter.
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