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Wild Attraction Chp. 13; Dark Obsession IV:   The intrigue and mystery continue in the mansion.  Our scene opens with our guest visitor Miro Mendel being orally serviced by the big body builder Rudolf Schneider.  Miro is very excited to be receiving from his secretive host not only because of the hot pleasure he is receiving but because of who he is receiving it from.  Lucio Saints is ushered into the room by Jalil Jafal.  Jalil forces the naked Lucio up against Miro’s naked backside.  His face is then forced into Miro’s hot, wet hole.  Lucio is then forced to stand and penetrate Miro’s wet hole.  Miro is in complete ecstasy from Lucio’s huge uncut cock deep in his ass and by Rudolf’s hot mouth on his cock.  Pleasure is coming from every direction.  The scene is an oral bookend of fucking in the middle.  Jalil now places Miro behind Lucio, Lucio behind himself and the three begin to fuck while Rudolf now eats Miro’s wet, fucked hole.  Rudolf has decided it is his turn to get a piece of that hot ass and begins to fuck Miro.  The train is fully loaded and has left the station in full on speed and force.  The camera angel from below is amazing and breathtaking.  To see that many cocks gliding in and out, the unison of balls slapping against ass’, swinging in the air is a sight to be envied.  You can see the sets of balls getting tighter and full of cum, the cocks getting harder with every thrust.  Lucio is then led to the door by Jalil and told that his luck has run out and that he has one day to leave the country.  Will Lucio heed this advice? KristenBjorn.com