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Xavi Garcia and Mars Gymburger are at home and decide to see who’s online. After looking at each other they decide they have to much of a good thing going on so why waste anymore time online. The phones are shut off and the passionate kissing begins as Xavi leans in and takes Mars’ upturned cock into his mouth. While Mars’ long, curved cock slips down Xavi’s throat he takes Xavi’s pierced nipples into his hands and begins driving Xavi wild with pleasure. Xavi stands up and Mars inhales his fat, uncut cock. Mars receives full instructions from Xavi on how he wants his cock to be sucked and Mars gives his cock everything it is begging for. As Mars is bent over Xavi begins massaging his hot pink ass before he slides his meaty cock deep into his hungry hole. Xavi’s balls draw up tight real fast with all that pleasure engulfing and sucking his cock deeper into Mars’ furry ass. The guys then switch up positions, Xavi knows that his balls are ready to explode with pleasure, but realizes he hasn’t gotten the full realm of pleasure that he desires. With Xavi on his back Mars rams his long cock deep into Xavi’s hairy ass. Mars’ long, upturned cock massages Xavi’s ass in all the right ways and the two are feeling the rise of pleasure and so much more. Continuing to instruct Mars on how to fuck him, Xavi barks demands at Mars to fuck him harder. With each thrust of Mars’ cock, Xavi and Mars are approaching their threshold of pleasure. Xavi is the first to smash across that threshold and drops his thick load of cum all over his hairy, meaty thighs. Mars doesn’t skip a beat as he continues pumping Xavi’s ass with his rock-hard cock. As he pulls out, he mixes his load of cum with Xavi’s then gently slides his wet cock back inside of Xavi. Don’t waste anytime when you have someone incredible right in front of you.