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Tempting My Roommate: Lucio Saints, Malek Tobias

Lucio Saints makes a triumphant return to the world of adult entertainment with his roommate Malek Tobias. Lucio is always tempting Malek as he sits around the house in his tight underwear showing off his massive package. Today Malek tries a little trick of his own. As he sits down on the sofa next to Lucio, he seductively begins eating his banana, his talents are not lost on Lucio. Powerless to the seductive taunting of Lucio’s straining cock in his underwear, Malek begins sucking Lucio’s cock through his underwear. Once the massive anaconda is set free, Malek stuffs his mouth full with the fat, expanded cock that he has been fantasizing about. The cock sucking starts our slow and sensually as Malek’s throat is split open. He then takes the deep, dark mahogany foreskin and nibbles on it as Lucio encourages him for more. Malek is flipped onto his back and Lucio begins feeding him his huge cock working up to an intense face fucking. Malek is a hungry and talented cock sucker and Lucio has no problem flipping into different positions to test his talents. Standing up and turning away from Lucio, Malek’s hot pink ass gets a fantastic tongue lashing it so richly deserves. With that beautiful pink hole dripping wet, Lucio lunges his cock forward and deep inside of Malek. Lucio goes balls deep before withdrawing and plunging in and out again and again until Malek is fully relaxed. After a deep fucking from behind, Malek is flipped onto his back giving Lucio’s cock the perfect entryway to full pleasure. As the fucking intensifies, Lucio looks into Malek’s crystal blue eyes and can see that they are both riding the same wave of pleasure in unison. Malek slips off of the sofa and onto his shoulders as Lucio spreads his legs wide open and drives his cock into depths that Malek didn’t know were possible. This position gives both men the level of pleasure that only a true deep fucking can reach and Malek unleashes his hot load of cum, catching it in his mouth and it shoots out of his cock. Lucio continues his fucking, looking at all the hot cum on Malek’s chest and face then pulls out and dumps his creamy load all over Malek’s cock, balls, abs, chest and face. With the cum still dripping from his cock, Lucio gently slides his wet cock back into Malek’s hot ass that is on fire with desire. Anyone looking for a hot roommate?