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You may recall that Tibor Cernan and David Kadera were out for a ride on their bike all clad in their hot, sexy bikers leather. They stopped off for a hot fuck and were observed by Abel Pozsar and Caleb Ramble. Caleb and Abel were so turned on by what they saw that they had to join in on the fun. The group went indoors and David was the host of some very hot cocks. Now Abel is playing host as he sits down on Caleb’s imposing cock and Tibor comes in from behind for the double penetration with his cock of girth. Both massive cocks penetrate his moist hole profoundly as Able leans forward and takes David’s throbbing cock in his mouth. Tibor makes every thrust of his cock deliberate, harder and deeper within Able; pushing him to his limits or rather stretching his limits. Able continues sucking David’s cock and then switches off to thrust his tongue into Caleb’s awaiting mouth. Every inch of Abel’s body is drenched in pleasure as he continues to receive the onslaught of hard cocks from every direction, never once losing his own erection. Abel has crossed over the pain/pleasure line into ecstasy as he begins begging to be fucked harder and deeper. Caleb now has Abel positioned with Abel’s back laying on his stomach as he feeds his cock into Abel’s ass. With his ass fully exposed Tibor penetrates with complete ease and access. Both cocks continue pounding Able’s moistened ass as Caleb withdraws and shoots his hot milky load. David has been turned on by all the oral action he has been receiving and by all the voyeuristic activities he has been enjoying and releases his hot load onto Abel heaving chest. Tibor’s cock has reached such engorged mass from all the hot fucking that when he finally explodes his mushroom head has reached its maximum girth and explodes a geyser load of cum all over Abel’s cock and balls. The next time you are out for a Sunday drive you might want to think twice about stopping at that abandoned looking farm house. You just might find a hot double penetration waiting for you.  www.KristenBjorn.com