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Kristen Bjorn would like to thank the great people at www.ManNet.com for selecting each and everyone of our releases for 2009 in its Top 100 of 2009. Check out our titles that made that list below and at www.KristenBjorn.com. We also suggest that you check out www.ManNet.com for all your reference needs.
Tropical Adventure Part 1, invites us to strip our clothes off and run through the jungle and experience the wild passion of the jungle.
Love Addiction, poses the question is this lust, wild sex or is it truly an Addiction to love?


Pride Parts 1&2, come celebrate your pride at the Gay Pride Parade in Madrid with over 2 million people. See all the hot action prior to the parade!


Action Parts 1&2 takes us inside of the Porn Academy, do you make the grade?