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Monster cock title holder, Gianni Maggio brings Oliver Marinho back to his flat after cruising each other at the gym. Both men’s cocks are stretching their sweats to the limits when Gianni drops to his knees and yanks Oliver’s sweats down and frees his throbbing cock. Gianni is a hungry cock sucker and immediately begins devouring Oliver’s magnificent cock. Feeling Oliver’s balls draw up tight, Gianni knows that he needs to back off to thwart off any premature explosions. Gianni’s cock flops out as a sigh of excitement crosses the room in anticipation of what that monster cock will do. Still famished, Gianni spins Oliver around and begins feasting on his handsome, hairy hole. Gianni stands and teases Oliver with just the head of his cock probing inside of his luscious ass. Going back and forth several times from cockhead to probing tongue has excited Oliver to the point that he is ready for the full length of this massive anaconda. Oliver gets onto all 4’s on the sofa and Gianni is ready for a full ass fucking. Gianni goes deep and hard on Oliver’s exceptionally talented ass as both men work in unison for the pure pleasure of fucking.  Oliver gets flipped onto his back and Gianni slips his cock in before reaching a rapid-fire fucking. Gianni slips behind Oliver and continues with his deep dicking as Oliver grabs hold of his own cock and begins stroking it full of luxurious sensations. Gianni is unable to hold back any longer and creams Oliver’s balls with his thick load of cum. Oliver scoops up Gianni’s cum and continues stroking his cock and just as Gianni slips his cum slicked cock back into his wet ass, Oliver strokes out his own load of cum. Now that is some good motivation to go to the gym, there just might be a monster cock waiting for you at the gym.